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So! When was the last time you found me unable to answer a question? Try a couple of hours ago. The question actually made my head bounce back. I’ll just shorten the question.

What is the title of your book?

Huh? You wanna’ know what?

((That whapped me harder than “where’s your fan page” did last week. And that one hit me a second time THIS week.))

I don’t have a title. I mean, I do, but I don’t. Well, I do now! Once you spit it out, it’s done. I had been hesitating to put a name to it because once you name a thing, you give that thing power. I spit it out.

An Ordinary World.

That’s all Lien’s ever wanted, it’s what he’s looking for. Whether he finds it or not…. *shrug*…. read the last chapter and get back to me. Oh, you can’t. *smack da’ forehead* it’s a WIP!

And THAT would be why I don’t have a fan page. I haven’t done anything to warrant one. The WIP is a WIP is a WIP and this blog is mainly my foul-mouthed ranting, so I don’t really share it with anyone but friends. But how long can I keep that up?

A while. LOL!

*pressure…. pushing down on me….*

Yeah, I do a shitty Freddy Mercury. His ass always looked better than mine. *sigh*

Decisions, decisions. But! One less as of now. Now… I have a title.


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I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

I dropped my grandmother off in North Carolina yesterday. She spent eleven months, to the day, living with us.

When an eight/nine hour round trip became like thirteen hours, I was ready to scream. But! I came in to find that my husband had moved my grandmother’s chair – disaster that it was –  out of my living room and replaced it with my favorite reading chair, it made the whole day worth it.

Now I need to spend a week getting our house back in order and our life back into something that resembles normal for us. We’re not normal, never will be, but it’ll be nice to get back to our brand of normal.

Then… the as-yet-untitled MS will be attacked.

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52, 586

And I have a first draft. Now the hard stuff begins. Editing.

Ya’ know what I want right now, though? Esteban likes to smoke these little Turkish cigarillo things that’re dipped in honey. I want one.

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51, 118 …

…. and 3k in character notes and outline in prep for the revamping of the first draft. So, I actually wrote a lot today, deleted a fair bit of scenery, too, but spent most of the day getting ready for the edits.

1.5 chapters before “The End”.  I’d finish tonight, but that’s hard with people milling about and I don’t want the pissy to translate over. 6am here I come.



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No word count!

Yes, I have added to it, and no, I don’t wanna bother with a count. It wasn’t that significant.  Read that to say a piss-poor damned job of it.


My grandmother leaves, supposedly, not this weekend but the next. I might just have to cry uncle and give up until she’s gone.  That’s how I feel today, anyway. Might feel differently tomorrow, I dunno. I can’t think to write, but I can think to read. So, that’s what I’ve been doing by the tons.

*dramatic pause with head hanging, head shaking, did-you-just-grow-six-freaking-heads look*

Really? And no, I don’t mean my family woes THIS time, though that does a good job of describing how I spent Monday night musing over the demise of certain family members; sitting here, looking longingly at the bottle of Bacardi and not getting a single word into the file.

Some of the things I’ve read over the last few days I just boggle about. Some were disappointing, even sad to an extent. Some were just so full of wtf-ery it was unreal. I have no tact – none – and I have found myself just…. wtf? Oh, the hypocrisy laden bullshit.

Other things I read and learned about did me a bit of good. On the writing note… the bits that did me some good…

I had a POV issue that was bugging the shit outta me. I have one chapter where Mason is really the only person in the chapter, so it’s told third person with a tint of his personality. One where Lien is the main character, though not the only one, and its narrative is tinged with HIS personality. Yet another with Este and Lien together and it’s third-person omniscient. (ooooo, I spelled that right! Auto-correct didn’t touch it! It’s the small victories, I tell ya!) So, I have no idea why I was having such a bloody freaking hard time writing yet another one third-person omniscient. But I was. And it was grating my nerves about the POV flops. Solved by reading a lecture on writing that says there’s nothing wrong with multiple POV’s. Some of the best do it and do it well. Issue over.

If I described that badly, please know I know what I meant. My brain is fried.

I have a character that I kept thinking did not need to be there, in spite of a great scene customized for him. Slashed the scene. Simplify. If two characters are fulfilling the same role, cut one. This was the case. Cool scene cut. How to make it work with the original dude? *nod* Took five seconds. Issue over. Geez. All that resolved with the decision to hit the delete key.

Lex, my beta, bless her… I had an hour long conversation with her husband today so I’m gonna make it official that Garrett is a beta, too. It was good to hear some things come out of his mouth that I know I have issues with because I have them in my “issue” notes to be fixed at the first draft. He’s really very good at a crit and had me pumped to write tonight…. then I came home and reality set in. Epic. Fail.

BUT! Basically, I’ve figured out that I know more about my craft than I thought I did and I need to quit putting SO much stock into advice I am given. I’m happier about the way the draft is going now. I might be STUCK three chapters from the end because the real world won’t stop hassling me, but I feel better about everything.

Now to just get some time.

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Crappy morning writing, for sure. BUT! I did get a chapter finished before I had to snatch up that free time that I was, suddenly and by some freaking miracle, granted to escape the house.

See, I don’t go anywhere but to the day job because of my grams. My husband and I have been in the car together, alone, exactly four times since last October. My daughter and I, probably about the same. So when she comes over and volunteers to go with me to Borders when I go drop off the water bill, I snatch it up. So… not much writing today.

My child never ceases to amaze me. We’re wandering around Borders and I’m about to pick up some anthology and she puts one right in front of me. “What about this one?”

I was floored. She had just so randomly picked up an anthology called Evolved, edited by Nancy Kilpatrick. I’d read a snip from Evolved II in the last few weeks and am DYING to have EII. Now I get the chance to read EI beforehand.

So. Stoked.

Rob Thurman and P.N. Elrod wound up the other two purchases. All three were the very last copies of ANY title by these authors in the store. I was not going to abandon them. Now I can’t wait for True Blood to go off so I can start reading.

At the moment, I need a nap. It’s scary out there. I need a kitten to protect me…..

*lookin to see if the husband is reading…..*

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Broke 50k!

48, 409 became 50, 321.

My head hurts something awful. I seriously have to stop before I screw something up. Fighting Esteban and Lien for even the slightest glimpse of their intimate relationship has been THE biggest bitch of a time. Lisa – as in Georgia Lisa, not Lady Disney-Kessler Lisa – suggested I was becoming a prude.

Ha. Ha. It. Is. To. Laugh.

I do smut quite well, thanks. But… nope, Este and Lien just don’t want their relationship reduced to smut. For anyone. They refuse and that became the end of THAT damned discussion REAL quick this morning.

I managed to get the point across on Mason and Este without it being graphic, and Lien and Fernando with it only having a small *WINCE* (yeah, I know I capitalized that! The wince is a HUGE ONE) so I quit fighting them and let them have their way. I’m now 2k of my way through the outline of that particular scene when I had ONE LINE of it before. When my headache is gone and I get up in the morning, I’ll have it even better.

Which is brilliant. Brilliant, I say! Brilliant in the “that’s great” kinda way, because there’s chapters waiting that’ll be relatively a lot easier than this one was. I get to move back to the zombie – love her, just love her – and then… the final chapter. Which leads to the all mighty first draft.

I. Am. Stoked.

But I neeeeed a break today….. and something for the headache.  Gods bless modern chemistry.




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