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I went AWOL. It happens. Did you miss me? No? *deflate*

Well, then. Fine. I’ll still share this series of text messages with you before I go back under, just because it was one of ‘those’ moments while in line at the bank yesterday.


Daughter: Bobby just had to kill a big ass snake. Baby (our dog) was barking at it, but Lilly (dear Gator) was sitting in the laundry room door just watching her bark at it!

Me: omg

Daughter: Yeah, he shot it. Apparently, it had just gotten a squirrel for lunch because he said it had an animal inside.

Me: omfg

Daughter: But Lilly was just sitting there in the laundry room staring at Baby while she barked at this big ass snake!


Remain calm, the snake was NOT in the house. The laundry room door opens into the backyard. The funny about all this is that Baby – our Aussie Shepherd mix, so named because she’s so tender-hearted – was barking at and, it turns out, attacking this huge rat snake that was out in the back yard, while our Pit Bull was thirty feet away, hiding in the laundry room. Keep in mind that Baby is eight years old and Gator, at four months, already outweighs her.


Good job, Baby!


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What do you do?

When you know you need to rewrite chapter one and check a billion other things, but you’re sick and tired of looking at your MS?


That’s the ticket.


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I may have proved you wrong Saturday and Sunday, but today I’m going full tilt to prove you right.

And that’s okay. Why?

The MS – working title, An Ordinary World – is just short of being in the can. I woke up to the alarm clock at 6:30 on the above mentioned days, as planned, and ran through one beta read and one round of suggestions. There’s still touch-ups to be done, another beta or so to run it through, etc., but it’s coming down to the wire. Enough that I can walk away comfortably and not obsess over working on the thing. Time to move on and try to get excited about book two. Which is another blog.

All done while fighting a bout of arthritis flare-up in my shoulders. I tell ya, it sucks being only forty-four and feeling older than dirt physically, but then I had to feel it mentally.

Case in point, I learned that the word gonna doesn’t require an apostrophe on the end anymore – because gonna has achieved official “non-standard” word status, you are no longer required to add the apostrophe to show the dropped letters. But the word darlin’ still does – to signify that the letter has been purposefully left off. So, it makes sense, language evolves, but damn. Just don’t try and make me stop using the Oxford Comma.

My use of punctuation isn’t stellar, by any means, but I refuse to end up inviting strippers named JFK and Stalin to a party because old man Oxford couldn’t come, too. 

While I was working yesterday, Lilly – Gator, devil puppy o’ mine – was out in the back yard and decided to chew off at the ground, and shred, a nine foot banana tree. Yes, I know, she’s only three-ish months old. Yes, I know she’s only twenty-odd pounds. G – A – T – O – R. I didn’t take any pictures because I was at once furious and sad to lose the tree. She knew she was in trouble because she immediately came down with the hiccups. She does that, see; gets the hiccups when she’s confused or knows she’s in trouble.

I love that dog, but I wish the hiccups would come before she gets in trouble. Kind of like an early warning system.

Being awesome – and tearing up banana trees – makes a gator tired.

So, I don’t mind so much that I’m procrastinating today. I got a lot done over the weekend, learned a thing or two, and kinda need to give my shoulders a break.

See what I did there? 

Maybe I’ll play with my gator today instead of working. It was just a tree. I can get another one.

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