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I did a whole bunch of crap. Most of it was boring, so I didn’t blog.

The Magic Bus was sold and after a near month long fight to get a title, it was replaced by this:

It doesn't suck.

It doesn’t suck.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this new (to me) vehicle, but I miss The Bus.

I did about thirty-two hours of work on the dollhouse over six different days. I mostly did the floors, but I did stop and refinish some furniture somewhere in the middle of all that before I pulled my hair out over the monotony of gluing down coffee stick after coffee stick. Just go here to see pictures. The end result is all that counts. I will say I am sick and tired of coffee sticks.

Before stain.

Before stain.

After stain.

After stain.

Yes, I legit made these floors.

Yes, I legit made these floors. Just need to decide if I want to poly them or not.

So, yeah. I’m alive, just been tired and busy. A lot of things came in for the dollhouse, so now that the floors are (nearly) done I have to move forward with wallpaper, etc. ACE Hardware is having a .99 paint pint sale, limit four, so I’ve snatched up my four limit. Good thing it runs until the end of the month because my happy ass will go back.

I’m going to mess around with some insane ideas I found on Pinterest before I watch The Walking Dead.

If they kill Daryl, we riot.

(note to self: eBay for 1:12 scale crossbow)



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