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Unexpected package

Well, not really. It was just the specific contents that were unexpected.

My father passed away Thursday, July 16th. I found out when the family in North Carolina sent the local coroner to my house the next day.

That’s a very, very long story.

My daughter and I drove to see him and to sign his cremation papers that Saturday. I spent a few minutes with him at the funeral home. He had long white hair in a ponytail, and a bushy beard–very much not like I’d ever seen him before. My uncle said they’d scatter his ashes at his favorite creek. I was all for it. My dad loved to fish.

My and my daddy. I was less than a year old.

Me and my dad. I was around a year or so old.

I came home today and found a box on my porch. My uncle had offered to send me a keepsake. I had been expecting a little locket with a bit of Dad’s ashes inside. Something small; something that would fit in a shadow box, because most of the ashes were going into his creek. I got a little silver urn instead.


He was a whole lot of a geek. I like to think he wouldn’t mind sitting beside the works of Herbert and Martin.

Love you, Dad.


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