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Momma Girl

Let me begin by saying Momma Girl isn’t my dog, but she could be. She’s not even your dog, but she could be. She’s a dog someone used to breed again and again, they starved her half to death in the process, and then threw her away. By the grace of whatever god was listening one day, my friend Sharon was driving along and saw her stumbling down the road, ribs and bones showing, leg horribly broken and healed so badly that Momma Girl couldn’t even use it to help her stumbling. When Sharon opened her car door and called to her, broken leg and all, Momma Girl jumped right into her car, no hesitation.


That’s the first picture I saw of her–curled up, scared, but wanting so desperately to trust someone that she took that chance and jumped.


I think she was asleep before Sharon even got her home. The next picture isn’t pretty to look at, but I ask you to bear with me because you need to see.


Momma Girl’s rear leg is so deformed, it’s several inches shorter than it should be. Skin and bones, she’s sniffing her way to the temporary crate Sharon gave her that day.


A little bit of softened, warm food and she was asleep. Finally safe because someone didn’t just keep driving. Sharon stopped. I would’ve stopped. So many people wouldn’t have.

Then came the vet trip. Thing was, Momma Girl didn’t have many teeth. Her canines were broken off–as dog fighters do to bait/breeding dogs, she had infections in both eyes, no muscle mass, an unbelievable case of hookworms. Luckily, she didn’t have mange, she was just very, very poorly cared for–probably never had a bath in her whole life. More tests were forthcoming, but my gods, wasn’t that enough?

That was last November and this is Momma Girl today.


When you have two big dogs, taking in one more can seem daunting, but instead of turning Momma Girl over to a shelter, or anywhere else, Sharon kept her. Momma Girl has a home where she’s safe and warm, but her past is still dead on her heels. She’s not healthy enough to be spayed just yet. She’s gained ten pounds or so and is a happy dog, sharing life with her new family, but that broken and deformed back leg has to be amputated, and she has heartworms. And guess what? Sharon is still going to keep her.

Sharon is my hero.


This precious baby that’s been through so much in her life has to go through more. I know Sharon would empty her wallet to see that Momma-G has her treatment, but there’s this little thing going on to raise the funds. It’s going well, about a third of the way along to make the goal. Honestly, I’d rather give my money to Momma-G than any shelter around here. (Mill Dog, nuff said.)

You can donate to Momma Girl’s surgery fund here.

You can follow Momma Girl’s progress here on her Facebook page.

I posted the funding link on my Facebook page and someone asked me if I actually knew Momma Girl. Which I really don’t blame someone for asking–there’s a lot of scams out there.

Do I know Momma Girl? Yes. I know her in every shelter dog that can’t be helped.

She can be. This is no scam.

What this is… this is the reality faced by a lot of Pit Bull-type animals in this country and it sucks. It’s an overwhelming problem.

What this is is one woman who made a difference in one dog’s life.


And what this is is your chance to make a difference, too.






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