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We didn’t move. Long story short is banks + hoops + pig-headed me = bite me. Not worth the hassle.

We’ve done a lot of renovating in the house instead and are in the process of redoing the back yard.  Yeah, it doesn’t look like that anymore, and not only because we renovated–Lily dog (Happy fourth birthday, baby girl) decided to eat everything from the waist down and it was looking pretty rough. One of the perils of owning an American Bulldog/Pit Bull is nothing is safe from being eaten for the first two solid years. Bad thing is, we decided to move a beautiful, expensive, wonderful fence and then changed our minds back to the original plan we had in the first place, so now beautiful, expensive, wonderful fence is tucked in the backyard because we’re not risking moving it again, and we have this crazy maze of outdoor rooms. It’s a wreck at the moment–a pretty wreck–so I’ll have to show you later. Yes, we kept the above ground koi pond; no, we will not be having more koi. Neither of us have the time, or the heart to do it again (they all died in an algae bloom a few years back, I just can’t locate the post about it happening). We did get rid of the small sunken pond in the front yard because I’m old and my back wouldn’t let me clean it anymore.

I kept my promise to Zombie as best I could and raised his baby-mama and kittens for two years. When every cat in the neighborhood decided my porch was the place to have litter after litter of kittens, we had to let them go elsewhere. I have no idea where Barbara is, we were unable to trap her and we haven’t seen her since the others left.

What I have heard is a Great Horned Owl and I have witnessed the return of the bats. When I saw the first bat last night, I could have cried because I haven’t seen one in several years. I haven’t seen the owl yet, but Hubs has, and he claims it to be the owl from the cemetery down the way. The cem is a historical landmark property and dates to the early 1800’s. Someone commented about The Secret of Nimh and now I snicker every time I hear the hooting calls from the trees. Coincidence, the owl and the bats showing up after the cats are gone? I don’t know. I miss the cats, and I’m very glad to have my bats back. The outstanding owl is an epic bonus.

My daughter graduates from college Friday and has an interview on Monday for a teaching position at a great elementary school. Gods, how did we get here so fast?

The new job? Hard. It’s been tougher than I imagined going from being the one person who knew everything to being the one person who knows, relatively, jack-squat. They haven’t fired me yet, so I’m hopeful. And since I haven’t drawn unemployment in over a decade, I should be good if they do.

I’m just kidding. Mostly.

I’m also stressed out. And tired, mentally and physically.

But then a little bat flutters by against the backdrop of the gloaming sky and all is good and right in the world, if only for a couple minutes.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll probably be gone for a few months. Again. When I started this blog to embarrass myself into publication, I had no idea how many twists and turns life would throw my way, and how many different ways my priorities would shift, or outright go off the rails. Being published is not so important anymore. I may return to that path one day, but for now, no. Finishing my dollhouse, put to the side–literally, because it’s right here beside me. The house calls, the job calls. I’m the only one who can answer.

So, yeah. There it is. That’s all I’ve got. Peace, love, and karma, bitches. I’m out.




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