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That’s 3,550 new words today. I’m going to bed. LOL!



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I wanna know….


How a KC and the Sunshine Band song from 1980 can have anything to do with vampires in 1998?

My brain feels broken and my eyes wanna’ burst out of my head, so I’m taking a break. Two chapters down since this morning and the next one feels too much like work for me to enjoy going on at the moment. By my mental calculations, I will only have around 50k in words, if I’m lucky, when I’m done.

*insert pity party of one here, along with screwing around on the Net way too long*

No, no, I’ll finish it. I’m just tired and being pouty.

Word count: 19, 680

Back to work.

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Yes, I know, it *sounds* pitiful, but it’s not in this case. The new words are keepers and the chapter is gonna flow now when I have time. I had the wrong person there, so I got rid of him and put the RIGHT person there. This makes much more sense.  If I didn’t have to get up at the ass crack and go to work, then get off around 8 and take Bobby to get the alien cut off his back I’d keep going, but I *have* to go to sleep or I’ll be a zombie in the morning.

Which reminds me to make a note about a zombie…….


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17, 158

Nearly everything I wrote last night has been trashed, left the edits alone. I felt it coming so it didn’t hurt to hit delete. It was garbage.  I tried to sleep on it and make it work and all I did was end up staying up way too late and finally dreaming I was being shot at while I was riding a tricycle.

No, I don’t know wtf that was all about.

Needless to say, this problem with the chapter is throwing up a block. The following chapter is clear in my head, I just have to get past this one because it’s causing a block and I’m unable to just move to the next which is perfectly outlined. Damnit. Maybe I need to work on something else for a day to get my mind moving again like I did a few weeks ago. Maybe it’s just that it’s a weekday and I hate my job sometimes and my grandmother is making me too nuts to even think straight. I’m liking that last answer best. I also have insomnia every few months that used to last a month or better, but now I have it down to a couple weeks. I’m on like day three, so I’m exhausted. Joy. So! I’m now *forcing* myself to go to bed to try to lay there in silence and rework that scene with a different character’s introduction that actually makes more sense and see if I can make a chapter out of it.

Which reminds me. Do any of you have opinions on the length of chapters or when to break and NOT make a new chapter, perhaps just *enter enter* and make a new but related scene before you actually break chapter? I’ve seen them as few as a single page, or as great as sixty. As it is, I think I’m doing just fine, but I’m looking for any specific advice that you have been given or something you’ve experienced yourself that you can call a rule.



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17, 816

Pitiful, I know. I’m just not in the right frame of mind tonight and forcing the issue is just gonna make a mess of it all.



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I ended up with a message today asking if the painting at the top of the blog was mine. Yes, it is. It’s a small section of a larger painting done from a photograph I took from the levee looking out at the Crescent City Connection bridge in Nola in July 2010. Thanks for asking. 🙂


Just stopping by for a quick note. There will PROBABLY be no writing tonight. I saw 2am last night and was an hour late for work today so I need sleep, and on top of all that I found my soundtrack and when I did… wow. One song hit me like the CCC fell on my head and pinned me to the bottom of the Mississippi.

I’d had no soundtrack at all, which I found odd, but chalked it up to … ya know… what-the-hell-ever cause having to do with this being the first time I’ve ever sat down and wanted to write 80k words. I always have a soundtrack for everything else and have talked about the lack of one for this book on the blog before. Well, we have a radio station called “Bob FM” that I’ve learned is not unique to Augusta. They play *anything*. I can hear Welcome to the Jungle one minute and Afternoon Delight the next. Love it because it’s never boring.

Anyway, this is how things happen to me……

Kiss From a Rose, Seal. Hmm… interesting.

Tainted Love, Soft Cell, not Manson. Ok. Yeah, I can see bits of that.

Second Chance, Shinedown. Now, just stop that shit because that wakes up Dragons. No. *ank*

Twilight Zone, Golden Earring.  *brow raised* That has major potential for one particular scene.

Those four songs played one after another before I had to get out of my van. Ditched Second Chance because of the Dragons. See, I can twist a song six ways from Sunday and make it work for me. Might be ONE line, might merely be the cadence of the beat. So, out of the damned blue I have three songs that would seem to have very little to do with the story unless you live in my twisted head. Maybe I was just in the MOOD and it clicked. Whatever the reason, I’m thrilled.

I get back in my office and pull up KfaR on youtube so it can play and I can think while I’m working. As Julia Roberts said, “Big mistake. BIG mistake. Huge.” Because over there on the right hand side was a song by Duran Duran…. and my brow popped, play was clicked.

Not gonna share the name because I don’t want that song back in my head again just yet. It’ll sneak back in when I go make notes tonight, unfortunately, but now that I have a soundtrack, I almost wish I had never touched youtube. That Duran Duran song… ya know how they run songs during movie credits and you kinda snap your fingers and say, “Yeah, I get why that song goes with the movie. Cool.” Well. Wow.  One of those steel girders landed on my head and I needed a xanax before lunch.

Oh, hush, I already told you I’m nuts. Like it’s a shock.

So here’s a question for my fellow writers! Do things like that happen to you? Do you see things, hear things, whatever, that so “wakes up” your characters that it actually has a physical or psychological affect on you? Makes them angry, you get angry. Makes them sad, you get sad.  You get me.

Yep! I just wanna know I’m not the only crazy bitch out there. LOL!





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17, 593

Game of Thrones is on. *POOF*

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