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The Glamorous Life….

I’ve been in a mood most foul for a solid month. *snort* Perfect timing for NaNo.

NaNo and I were not friends. About mid-month we came to an understanding. It wasn’t going to go away until the end of the month and it wasn’t going to let me ignore it like I wanted to. I think I got shorted on that ‘understanding’ because I really wanted it to fuck off, already.

The muse and I would fight, then make up. Fight, and fight harder.

The day before Thanksgiving my daughter had to have her gall bladder removed. Gods, did that suck. She was a trooper, though. She only whined once. And told me she loved me a dozen drug-induced times through the night when the anesthesia after shock kept her awake all night and I was trying to sleep in a chair.

That’s my girl.

That left me Friday, Saturday and Sunday to write. Six days of NaNo left.

Great. I’m a rebel, not going for full NaNo, but using it just the same. And I’m behind. Yay me.

I promise you this: For that weekend, I did not shower, I did not change clothes. I lived on left-overs and cigs, Mountain Dew and Goody Powders (and chocolate cake) for three days. I woke up at 6am every day and didn’t stop editing/writing until my head swam. And my husband let me. All of it. Have I told you lately that he’s my hero?

Sunday morning I wake up and wander blurry-eyed to the gas station to load up on the above mentioned supplies…. in my flip-flops flapping, yoga-pants, heavy-metal-t-shirt-wearing, base-ball-cap-ponytailed disguise. The perfect worn-out writer’s cliche, walking. (All I needed was a bottle of scotch.) They know me well enough to not even have to ask what I want when I get to the counter.

“How’s the book coming?”

I actually smiled.

“Not bad.”

The girl working with her chimed in. She doesn’t know me, so I suddenly had my gas station friend filling her in. My smile grew. Why? Because I didn’t balk. I actually managed to talk about the book.

She said, “You look tired.”

I laughed and held my hands out to show off the outfit.

“Yeah. The glamorous life, eh?”


Damned skippy.





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Eye of the Tiger…..




I have to laugh, but I did this for many, many hours yesterday and will do it again today!!!

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She had me at her first blog post. By the time she mentioned King Harvest, I was in love.


(you know you wanna’)


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The War Room

Yesterday, 7am.

First half, all nice and neat.


Second half, giving me fits.


The Final Four.... at the time.



This is what it looks like this morning…..


Sorted by days... I was confusing myself.


This is still giving me fits.


No more Final Four.


That was sincerely a pain in the ass. And I’m nowhere near finished. I get to stare at it today, too. When you have one of those brains that will not slow down, you have to do things like this. I realize a lot of writers do it, but I have zero choice in the matter.

I’m back on it!


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Yeah, right.

Blogging ability restored and I didn’t even get to yell. *huff*

Back Dec 1. NaNo is not over…..

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Last word count: 54,023

Current word count: 54,024

I shit you not. Just sayin’.

No, I’m not done for the day yet. I was thinking about a nap, but the next few things are easy fixes and since the house is empty, I’m going back to it. Just laughing for a second.

ETA: Official end count for the day was 54, 012.

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Walk away……


I’ve finally learned to listen to music and write at the same time.









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